Natural Swimming Pond

Our DJ Harvey swimming pond has exceeded all of our expectations. We love to swim and had debated putting in a pool for a few years, but we were hesitant about pool maintenance, chemicals and the fact that pools are an eye-sore out of season. When we discovered that we could have a natural swimming pond instead, it was an easy decision. We now have a stunningly beautiful, natural body of water beside our home. The water is clean and smells like fresh lake water instead of chlorine. There are beautiful pond plants in the shallow bays, but our swimming area is free of plants. There are fish, frogs, a beautiful waterfall, beach area and a big rock for jumping in. We feel like we have our own, private mini-lake! My kids love being there, even out of swimming season. As it is a living eco-system, there is always something to watch… and frogs to catch! It is beautiful year round, and we even skate on it in winter. And we don’t have to vacuum it! Doug and Judy Harvey and their team are extremely professional and their design ideas are brilliant. They transformed our yard into an oasis.

Valerie Redmond